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1. Clear a dry area or surface to build your fire  ​

2. Gather an armful of sticks, smaller pieces of wood or other flammable materials  ​

3. Open and squeeze enclosed packet of petroleum jelly onto the cotton balls  ​

4. Rub/stretch all of the cotton balls and petroleum jelly together gently to make a large wad ​

5. Place the cotton wad with petroleum jelly inside the paper tube  ​

6. Wipe any excess petroleum jelly from your hands or packet onto the cotton wad and tube   ​

7. Place the paper tube in the center of your cleared area sheltered from wind and water ​

8. Light  the cotton wad in two different places with the lighter. The weather resistant fire will last approximately 5 minutes​

9. Place smaller then larger dry sticks, pieces of wood or other flammable material onto the burning tube to build a larger, ​warming fire. ​

SSC Unlimited, LLC

Assembled in America by Veterans, Distributed by SSC Unlimited, LLC Shelton, WA    SDVOSB       (360) 358-8786               DUNS: 080010229                 CAGE: 7GQF


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Single Kit Contents:  1 Kit makes 2 Fires

  • 1 waterproof bag (6” wide x 10” long 6.5g/0.23 oz)  
  • 1 high visibility label (5.25” wide x 8.5” long 5.1 g/0.18 oz) 
  • 2 safety lighters (7 g/0.25 oz ea) 
  • 2 packets of petroleum jelly (6.5 g/0.23 oz ea) 
  • 2 paper tube (4.5” long x 1.75” dia 11.3 g/0.40 oz ea) 
  • 10 balls of 100% cotton (0.6 g/0.02 oz ea) 
  • Gross Weight: 80 g/2.4 oz 

Weather Resistant Emergency Fire Kit 

This simple and easy to use Weather Resistant Emergency Fire Kit from Daniel’s Survival insures success when building an emergency fire.   


  • Simple to use​ 
  • Inexpensive with ultra-long shelf life​  
  • Light and compact ​ 
  • Durable air and waterproof vacuum packaging
  • Single and Multi-Pak Kits Available​ 


  • Better than a single lighter or storm matches ​ 
  • Safe and inert​ 
  • No specialized container​ or storage 
  • Easy to be prepared 
  • Education tool for scouts and students
  • Contains all components to make a LASTING Fire 

 Great for:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Boating and Rafting
  • Gift
  • General Preparedness